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Melotov Records presents its release of Bone Dance's 2010 EP, Snakecharmers, due August 27th.

Originally self-released by the band and now long out of print, Snakecharmers finally gets its justice, thanks to Melotov. A limited run of 500, Melotov's reissue of the EP features new, iconic artwork, adorning a one-sided, color vinyl 12" (200 "smoke haze", 300 gold).

From Boise, Idaho, Bone Dance churn out what they themselves have coined "utter, desert-driven nihilism" - suffocating heaviness in the order of Botch, Coalesce, and Engineer. Sludgy riffs spiral downward, drums strike and recoil, and vocalist Morgan Mechling spits pure disgust as if preemptively delivering mankind's eulogy. The smothering weight of the wide open Western landscape is ever-present; Bone Dance is a product of its environment.

The Snakecharmers reissue comes on the heels of Melotov's release of Bone Dance's self-titled full-length in fall 2012. Cvlt Nation bestowed this review on the full-length: "Bone Dance's new LP sets the bar high for all newer bands playing chaotic metal/hardcore and is one of the must-hear metal albums of the year, period."


released 21 April 2010



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Track Name: Dirge
Out of tune. Broken casts. Tired hands.
Listen to your funeral hymn.
Lay dust for a thousand miles.
Give to the dirt.
Serve the purpose; share the requiem.
Drag the continent; become leather.
Through your fingers, like shit and wishes.
Track Name: Devil's Arithmetic
I am the swarm, the son of dawn and the rightful accuser.
Breathe me in.
Horns and tails.
Your judeo-angel, a fallen seed built upon that which is innate.
Find what you yearn for and I'll be your hands.
Hesitation is weakness.
Make haste.
For you and I both know where you'll be when the sky burns.
Transgress, disobey, rebel.
Track Name: Birds Singing (Wolves Licking Blood)
The rats will lead you straight to the bastards.
Shake the hands of liars.
Chew fat with the derelict.
Indulge the forked tongue.
Slow dance with the devil.
Pay a debt of gratitude against the people, to bathe in the meek's misfortune.
Smiling through broken teeth.
Cut the hands off the pestilent.
Behead the sultan.
Birds singing, wolves licking blood.